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Southern Utah

We recently got back from a camping trip in southern Utah that some close friends invited us on. The area is filled with mountains and rock formations that are amazing reds and oranges. We camped in Calf Creek and took day trips to Devils Garden and Capital Reef. We all had a great time hiking […]

Great Basin National Park

Our Nature Photography class took a camping trip to Great Basin National Park in Nevada to… you guessed it, take pictures. We did some night/star photography, we took a tour of the caves there, and did some hiking before dawn and just before sunset so that we could photograph in the sweet light/golden hour, etc. […]

Provo Canyon Skies

I’ve been taking so many macro photos lately that I decided to point my camera up a little more. Here are a few shots that I took of some gorgeous skies. The two images with clouds are taken at sunset and the one with the moon at sunrise.

Macro Flowers

I’m taking a nature photography class durring summer term at Brigham Young University (BYU). So far a lot of my images have been macro (closeup) shots of wildflowers. Here’s a few of my favorites:

4th of July Hot Air Balloons

We got the kids up early on the 4th of July to go watch the hot air balloons launch as part of Provo‚Äôs Freedom Festival. In addition to the normal shaped balloons they had some character shaped ones as well. There was Smokey the Bear, Tony the Tiger, and a giant pink pig. The weather […]