Food Photography

Our most recent assignment was to make a self-promotional piece for whatever type of photography we want to go into professionally. I currently don’t know what I want to do, so I decided to give food photography a try. The yummy cupcakes are from The Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery.

Here’s my first go at it:

cupcakes, cherry, icing, frosting, cake, food photography, sprinkles, plate
cheesecake, strawberry, syrup, plate, food photography
cupcakes, potatoes, grapefruit, cheesecake, cherry, strawberry, food photography, promotional card, business card

One Comment to “Food Photography”

  1. Neel said:

    Jason, great attempt. I like the cupcake photo the most. I have to say that food photography is tough and I struggle with that a lot. on the strawberry and pie photo, have you thought about using white plate instead? red syrup will look more vibrant and colorful with white plate. My personal opinion 🙂 Good luck with food photos.

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