Punk Princess and the Abandoned House

This is our idea of a fun family outing. On Saturday my wife dressed our oldest daughter up a little more funky than normal and put some makeup on her. Then the six of us all went and found an abandoned house to go photograph in.

The kids all thought it was pretty cool. There was some neat vintage wallpaper and old wood and brick walls that, as you can see, made great backdrops for photos.

From the outside of the house we could see a beautiful old window upstairs with actual working shutters, unlike the non-functional ones today that are just nailed on the outsides of houses for decoration. We wanted to go up there, but we played it safe and didn’t test the structural integrity of the staircase.

I hope you enjoy these two shots from our little adventure.

punk, princess, girl, tutu, abandoned, house, wall paper, bricks, portrait, photo, photography
punk, princess, girl, tutu, abandoned, house, window, bricks, portrait, photo, photography

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