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Provo River Parkway

The Provo River Parkway is close to our house but we’ve never checked it out. This past weekend we decided to take a family walk to explore some of the trail. We only covered about a mile but we enjoyed what we saw. There was a lot of beautiful trees and plants, and of course […]

Paragliders in Utah

This past weekend we took our kids letterboxing, which is a kind of treasure hunting activity similar to geocaching. Our destination was Flight Park in Draper, Utah. As we were finishing up the letterboxing, people started showing up to paraglide, so we decided to sit back and observe. It was fun to watch them setup, […]

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point recently had their annual Tulip Festival. We went again this year along with some close friends and had fun and took a lot of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Homemade Sushi Night

A group of us from work recently decided that we wanted to give sushi-making a try, so we had some sushi-grade fish overnighted from California and we gave it a go. We got salmon, tuna, unagi (eel), and tobiko (fish eggs), along with a variety of fruits and vegetables. We had so much fish it […]

Mother’s Day Dinner

For dinner on Mother’s Day I tried a new recipe. I made chipotle lime chicken on the grill. I was happy with how it turned out and everyone seemed to like it. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested: Grilled Chipotle-Lime Chicken Breasts