Yellowstone – Part II: Muted

Here’s the second post from our Yellowstone trip. These photos are a bit more muted in their color pallet than the ones from yesterday’s post. Some because of how I chose to process them and others because that’s how they naturally appeared.
I may do one more post on Yellowstone. We’ll see…

Nature, tree, wood, Yellowstone
mist, Nature, reflection, sun, sunset, water, Yellowstone
blue, clouds, dead, forest, Nature, sky, trees, wood, Yellowstone
clouds, geyser, Nature, sky, stream, sunset, water, Yellowstone
clouds, dead, forest, Nature, sky, trees, water, wood, Yellowstone

2 Comments to “Yellowstone – Part II: Muted”

  1. Lynda said:

    Oh WOW Jason!!! What amazing shots!!!

  2. Aly said:

    These look fantastic JASON! you are good at nature! Fine art is going to be a breeze for you this next year!

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