Nostalgia Photo Project

For my Fine Art Photography class I had to come up with a project to work on throughout the semester. I chose to use the idea of nostalgia by sending out a multiple-choice survey of what people’s favorite childhood memories were. Once I got the results back I made photographs of the top choice in each of the categories. Here are some of the images from the series:

drink, Kool-Aid, nostalgia, Seth
bicycle, bike, Laurel, nostalgia, ride
Bethany, camp, fire, Laurel, marshmallow, nostalgia, roasting, Seth
Bethany, christmas, nostalgia, present, wrapping paper

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  1. Kent said:

    Nice photos. I like the campfire one best, but the first one made me nostalgic for all the times I left a pitcher of kool-aid on the lawn and then laid down 20 feet away as a kid.

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