Union Pacific Railroad

While on our way to buy pumpkins from the farm I noticed this old Union Pacific train parked on the railroad tracks. Hoping that I could get a good photo out of it I stopped while Tiffany and the kids patiently waited in the car like they often do when I see something to photograph. I like old trains and I’ve tried to photograph them from time to time, but with only limited success. I’m liking this shot pretty well though and I felt that it was a much stronger image in black and white.

Black and white Union Pacific train on railroad tracks in Orem, UT

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  1. Emily N. Stevens said:

    I do like the image quite a bit Jason. When I worked with photography in high school I printed all my own photos solely in B&W and I felt that the images that I shot of metal always looked brilliant in B&W. That is how these translate to me. They could only have been better had the train been wet or a truly ferocious cloud been looming in the background.

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