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Rainbow of Colors at the Farmers Market

I recently bought a fun little program called Diptic and decided to give it a spin by using the photos from my recent Fresh Wednesday farmers market post. The result is this rainbow of produce. I kind of like it. What do you think?

Fresh Wednesday

Downtown Provo recently started Fresh Wednesdays, which is a produce-only farmers market on Center Street in the middle of Downtown Provo. I’ve been wanting a market like this for a long time. I like the location and love that it’s just fruits and vegetables and no other vendors. All of the farmers were very friendly […]

Homemade Pesto

I was making pesto sauce this weekend and thought it would be nice to have a decent photo to go with the recipe. This basil pesto recipe comes from my mom. It’s simple and delicious. Here’s the photo and the recipe: Pesto Sauce Recipe Ingredients: 2-4 large garlic cloves (depending on taste) 2 cups fresh […]

Photography Prints Now Available

I now have an online store for people to buy prints of some of my photographs. You can get to it by clicking here or through the Store link at the top of this site. I decided to do the store through Etsy, which is a collection of online shops that sell handmade and vintage […]

Pig Pickin’ – Station 22’s August Supper Club

We had so much fun last time that Tiff and I decided to go to Station 22‘s Supper Club event again this month. This time around they did a Carolina-style pig pickin’. The menu was slaw, hushpuppies, baked beans, macaroni salad, and of course the pig. There was a great folk band entertaining us throughout […]

Crawfish Boil – Station 22’s July Supper Club

Tiff and I were invited to Station 22’s first Supper Club event. They decided to bring in the South with a crawfish boil and a bluegrass band. Most of us all sat at one big table so there was some fun getting-to-know-each-other going on, along with the great food! The appetizer was cheddar grits with […]

Homemade Sushi Night

A group of us from work recently decided that we wanted to give sushi-making a try, so we had some sushi-grade fish overnighted from California and we gave it a go. We got salmon, tuna, unagi (eel), and tobiko (fish eggs), along with a variety of fruits and vegetables. We had so much fish it […]

Mother’s Day Dinner

For dinner on Mother’s Day I tried a new recipe. I made chipotle lime chicken on the grill. I was happy with how it turned out and everyone seemed to like it. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested: Grilled Chipotle-Lime Chicken Breasts

Yellow Bell Pepper

Food Photography

Our most recent assignment was to make a self-promotional piece for whatever type of photography we want to go into professionally. I currently don’t know what I want to do, so I decided to give food photography a try. The yummy cupcakes are from The Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery. Here’s my first go at it: