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Santa Barbara Trip – November 2011

On our way to visit family in Northern California for Thanksgiving last year, we made a detour and stopped in Santa Barbara for a few days. This is where I grew up and I always like spending some time there when I get the chance. I love taking photos of the beach and the ocean.

Hot Air Balloons at the Provo Freedom Festival

Every year as part of Provo’s Independence Day celebration there’s a hot air balloon launch. We usually try to get there around 6:30 a.m. when the balloons are starting to be filled. There are about 25 balloons and around 25,000 people there to watch. It’s all really busy but a lot of fun.

Snapshot: Private Property

Last week our family took a walk along the Provo River Trail (the same trail I took the canoe photo) and this old fence with the private property sign caught my eye.

Snapshot: Charlotte at Age 1

Since I finished all of my photography classes I’ve been terrible about going out and taking pictures. I’m going to try and be better about photographing, but I’m also going to be posting my more casual snapshots just to try and keep things on the blog a little fresher. So here’s the first of my […]

Provo Tabernacle Fire

Back in December the Provo Tabernacle burned down. It is a beautiful, historic building in the center of our town. The day after the fire consumed most of the interior of the Tabernacle, I walked around shot a few photos. Even the weather seemed to fit the somber mood.

More from the Nostalgia Photo Project

Here are some more shots from my Nostalgia photo project. I’m really happy with the two most recent ones, Lego and Barbies.

Nostalgia Photo Project

For my Fine Art Photography class I had to come up with a project to work on throughout the semester. I chose to use the idea of nostalgia by sending out a multiple-choice survey of what people’s favorite childhood memories were. Once I got the results back I made photographs of the top choice in […]

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Back in August we were visiting family in Sacramento, CA. While we were there we made a day trip to San Francisco. Here are a couple of shots that I liked from the beach:

Yellowstone – Part II: Muted

Here’s the second post from our Yellowstone trip. These photos are a bit more muted in their color pallet than the ones from yesterday’s post. Some because of how I chose to process them and others because that’s how they naturally appeared. I may do one more post on Yellowstone. We’ll see…

Yellowstone – Part I: Colors

We just got back from our fist trip to Yellowstone. Our good friends go every year and invited us to come along this time. We all had a lot of fun and some excitement too. At one point an elk tried to charge our kids and that same evening someone thought it would be cool […]