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Old Wood Dock

I’ve been on a search to find an old wooden dock around Utah Lake but haven’t had much luck just driving around. I decided to look online and was able to find a single photo of the kind of dock that I had in mind. The problem was that I didn’t know where the photo […]

Hay Bales

After taking a long break I decided to work on my Geneva Road series again. A couple of years ago I decided to photograph along Geneva and document the GPS coordinates so that I could see how the area changed over time. Here’s one of the shots I took this weekend of one of the […]

Corn Field

Yesterday we went for a drive around the southern end of Utah Lake both for a family outing and also looking to see if there was anything interesting to photograph. Well, I couldn’t find any inspiration in the lake, but both Tiffany and I liked this particular corn field, so that’s what you get to […]

Bus Stop & Mailboxes – Point Reyes Station, CA

Here are a couple more shots from when we were driving through Point Reyes, CA. You have to love a bus stop that has it’s own personality and charm like this one does, and the chalkboard inside is great. The mailboxes also have some character of their own and some wonderful texture to them as […]

Crawfish Boil – Station 22’s July Supper Club

Tiff and I were invited to Station 22’s first Supper Club event. They decided to bring in the South with a crawfish boil and a bluegrass band. Most of us all sat at one big table so there was some fun getting-to-know-each-other going on, along with the great food! The appetizer was cheddar grits with […]

Launch for Hire

We recently went camping near Point Reyes, California and saw this great old wooden building and boat dock in one of the small costal towns that we drove through.

Tractor on the Farm

On my way home from work I always pass by this field. Yesterday this tractor caught my eye. I actually drove past it, but then that little voice in my head told me to go back and photograph it. I try to have my camera with me as often as possible so that I can […]

Santa Barbara Trip – November 2011

On our way to visit family in Northern California for Thanksgiving last year, we made a detour and stopped in Santa Barbara for a few days. This is where I grew up and I always like spending some time there when I get the chance. I love taking photos of the beach and the ocean.

Hot Air Balloons at the Provo Freedom Festival

Every year as part of Provo’s Independence Day celebration there’s a hot air balloon launch. We usually try to get there around 6:30 a.m. when the balloons are starting to be filled. There are about 25 balloons and around 25,000 people there to watch. It’s all really busy but a lot of fun.

Snapshot: Private Property

Last week our family took a walk along the Provo River Trail (the same trail I took the canoe photo) and this old fence with the private property sign caught my eye.