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Provo Tabernacle Fire

Back in December the Provo Tabernacle burned down. It is a beautiful, historic building in the center of our town. The day after the fire consumed most of the interior of the Tabernacle, I walked around shot a few photos. Even the weather seemed to fit the somber mood.

More from the Nostalgia Photo Project

Here are some more shots from my Nostalgia photo project. I’m really happy with the two most recent ones, Lego and Barbies.

Nostalgia Photo Project

For my Fine Art Photography class I had to come up with a project to work on throughout the semester. I chose to use the idea of nostalgia by sending out a multiple-choice survey of what people’s favorite childhood memories were. Once I got the results back I made photographs of the top choice in […]

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Back in August we were visiting family in Sacramento, CA. While we were there we made a day trip to San Francisco. Here are a couple of shots that I liked from the beach:

Yellowstone – Part II: Muted

Here’s the second post from our Yellowstone trip. These photos are a bit more muted in their color pallet than the ones from yesterday’s post. Some because of how I chose to process them and others because that’s how they naturally appeared. I may do one more post on Yellowstone. We’ll see…

Yellowstone – Part I: Colors

We just got back from our fist trip to Yellowstone. Our good friends go every year and invited us to come along this time. We all had a lot of fun and some excitement too. At one point an elk tried to charge our kids and that same evening someone thought it would be cool […]

Provo River Parkway

The Provo River Parkway is close to our house but we’ve never checked it out. This past weekend we decided to take a family walk to explore some of the trail. We only covered about a mile but we enjoyed what we saw. There was a lot of beautiful trees and plants, and of course […]

Paragliders in Utah

This past weekend we took our kids letterboxing, which is a kind of treasure hunting activity similar to geocaching. Our destination was Flight Park in Draper, Utah. As we were finishing up the letterboxing, people started showing up to paraglide, so we decided to sit back and observe. It was fun to watch them setup, […]

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point recently had their annual Tulip Festival. We went again this year along with some close friends and had fun and took a lot of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Rock Canyon Black & White Photos

Rock Canyon is only about 15 minutes away from where I live in Provo, Utah and it’s a place that I frequent when wanting to do some nature and landscape shooting. Here are some new shots that I decided to convert to black and white to give them a bit more of a dramatic feel.