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Geneva Road Photo Series

I decided to do a series of photos all taken on Geneva Road which runs through Provo and Orem, Utah. Geneva is a road that I travel on daily. It has a lot of character with it’s farms and old structures, which is the kind of stuff I love. Here are five of my favorites […]


Here’s a recent example of one of my photos with textures being applied. I’ve done a lot of searching around the web for textures that are of good quality and that the artist allows others to use them on their own work. Some of my favorite texture sites are listed below. I hope you find […]

Cirque du Crayola

In my color class we were given an assignment to make a photograph using saturation to create emphasis. This image of crayons is my final result. I ended up buying quite a few boxes of crayons in order to get enough black, white, and gray crayons. I also took the opportunity to start playing with […]

Blue Farm Door

This place is close to my house and has some neat old structures like this shed as well as an old brick building that has started falling down. If you’ve seen much of my work, I apparently have an obsession with old things.

Mission Dolores, San Francisco

While I was visiting family in Northern California for Thanksgiving, My dad and I made a quick trip to San Francisco. One of the places we visited while there was Mission Dolores. It is the oldest intact building in San Francisco. It was very interesting and very beautiful. I’ve been to the city quite a […]

Eureka, Utah

Our photography department took a trip to Eureka, UT, a small town that has its history in gold and silver mining. Even though most of the shops on Main Street are no longer open, one of the owners was nice enough to unlock the door to his building that was full of old nick-knacks and […]

Provo LDS Temple by Laurel

All three of my kids have had some interest in what I do with photography so I try to involve them when I can. I’ve taken them to the darkroom to see how traditional photo developing and printing is done. More recently I took my oldest daughter, Laurel, who is 7, and gave her my […]

4th of July Hot Air Balloons

We got the kids up early on the 4th of July to go watch the hot air balloons launch as part of Provo‚Äôs Freedom Festival. In addition to the normal shaped balloons they had some character shaped ones as well. There was Smokey the Bear, Tony the Tiger, and a giant pink pig. The weather […]