Newborn Charlotte in the Studio

My wife, Tiffany, wanted to make sure we got Charlotte into the studio for newborn photos, so here are a few of our favorites:


Here’s a recent example of one of my photos with textures being applied. I’ve done a lot of searching around the web for textures that are of good quality and that the artist allows others to use them on their own work. Some of my favorite texture sites are listed below. I hope you find them useful.

fire hydrant, grass, field, texture, film, edges, red, gold, yellow

Texture Resources:

My Favorite Free Texture Sites:
Lost and Taken by Caleb Kimbrough
Lost and Taken by Caleb Kimbrough

ShadowHouse Creations by Jerry Jones
ShadowHouse Creations by Jerry Jones

Flickr Users Who Share Textures:

Hanne Adam (

Paree Erica (pareeerica)

A Texture Collection I Like So Much, I Actually Paid For It:
Matt Nicolosi
Firenze Italian Texture Collection by Matt Nicolosi

Texture Stock Site:
Texture Valt
Texture Vault

Cirque du Crayola

In my color class we were given an assignment to make a photograph using saturation to create emphasis. This image of crayons is my final result. I ended up buying quite a few boxes of crayons in order to get enough black, white, and gray crayons. I also took the opportunity to start playing with textures on photos. I really liked the effect and ended up collecting over 2,000 textures from various sources online. I guess I went a little overboard. I’ll make a blog post about textures soon.

crayons, red, texture, crayola, circle

Charlotte has arrived

My wife gave birth to our fourth child on Saturday. Her name is Charlotte Claire. Her brother and sisters were very excited to finally meet her (and Mom and Dad were too). She was born 8 lbs. 7 oz, 20.5″ long. Here are a few snapshots taken at the hospital:

Blue Farm Door

This place is close to my house and has some neat old structures like this shed as well as an old brick building that has started falling down. If you’ve seen much of my work, I apparently have an obsession with old things.

door, hay, ladder, barn, farm, blue, yellow, golden,
door, window, bales, hay, ladder, barn, farm, tree, blue, yellow, golden,

Bryan, Karsh-style

Here’s a low-key, Yousuf Karsh style portrait that I did recently. If you want to see some of the amazing work of Karsh, here’s a website to check out:

Karsh, black and white, portrait, Bryan, low-key, male, man, curly, hair


Here are couple of fun shots of Ashley in the studio.

portrait, girl, woman, female, scream, screaming, frustrated, angry, surprised, excited, Asian, brown hair, brunet
portrait, girl, woman, female, scary, super hero, villain, hands, Asian, brown hair, brunet

Yellow Bell Pepper

yellow, bell pepper, green, stem, orange, red, vegetable, food, photography

Bethany in the Studio

Here are a few of the images from my recent high-key portrait assignment. The first photo is the one I turned in, the others are a couple of my favorite outtakes. I’m partial to the third photo. Which one do you like best?

girl, blond, portrait, white, dress
girl, blond, portrait, headshot
girl, blond, portrait, white, dress, headshot, surprised, wide-eyed

Maternity Portrait

I haven’t posted any updates for a while. Life’s been busy. I’ve just stared taking a studio lighting/portraiture class. Here’s a maternity portrait of my wife that I recently did in the studio at school for that class.

black and white, maternity, pregnant, woman, female, mother, motherhood, belly, baby, portrait